6IX9INE- GOOBA (Official Music Video)

8 Тра 2020
692 543 454 Прагляды

Director- CanonF8, David Wept & 6ix9ine
EP/Producer- Omar Reynoso & David Wept
DP- Franklin Ricart
Editor- 6ix9ine, CanonF8, Omar Jones
Art Director- Omar Reynoso , 6ix9ine
G&E - Rec Squad TV
AC-Karleigh Del Moral
Colorist- Bryan Smaller
Creative Director(VFX)- Zane Comer
CG Generalist- Brennan Brinkley
Animator- Nicole Low
Production Co- AT.LAS , FatKing Films
GOOBA - 6ix9ine (Official Music Video)
Produced by: Jah
Mix and Mastered by: Wizard Lee
Cover by: Alex Solis
#6ix9ine #GOOBA #musicvideo
Distributed by Create Music Group

  • Yeees

    Lauryn LeathLauryn Leath7 хвілін таму
  • I mean I don’t really like what he did but this song is ok

    Erie JErie J12 хвілін таму
  • Why do I just get the feeling his parents arent exactly proud

    Chibi MoriChibi Mori37 хвілін таму
  • STREAM (ANACONDA -Nicki Minaj) Lets help the QUEEN reach 1 Billion views we need all the help we can get!!!

    Queen Nicki 2.0Queen Nicki 2.045 хвілін таму
    • @Golden FanGirl ikr BYworld taking a lot of views and freezing it so that Bari C can get 1 billion before Nicki we can’t let them do this she worked so hard and they’re sabotaging her career to build up that ugly rat

      Queen Nicki 2.0Queen Nicki 2.029 хвілін таму
    • omg i cant believe it doesnt have 1 bil yet tbh ! i dont listen to nicki minaj but shes amazing

      Golden FanGirlGolden FanGirl32 хвіліны таму
    • BYworld playing with her views 😑

      Queen Nicki 2.0Queen Nicki 2.045 хвілін таму
  • im a goofy gooba

    James WedekingJames Wedeking47 хвілін таму
  • Aquí ele mexicano y viva México cabrones! 😏

    MaNgO tóxicoMaNgO tóxico48 хвілін таму
  • My battery:100% Me listens to this song: My battery: 1% take it or leave it

    Imaan OnsayImaan OnsayГодину таму
  • He's not even black saying the N word so much. If you actually like this music though you are the bottom rung of society.

    Gerard WellerGerard WellerГодину таму
  • Es pinche kaka musica

    Артемий ТищенкоАртемий ТищенкоГодину таму
  • I just don't understand these women objectifying themselves by these guys. It was wrong in the 80's with the heavy metal bands and it's wrong now. We pretend we are fighting for women to have equal rights and the same company saying that giving money to a woman's march forces it's artists to make videos like this.

    Christine JerseyChristine JerseyГодину таму
  • Yes yes big succer

    Gabriel TremblayGabriel TremblayГодину таму
  • Kuhiree

    Dharmeswar RayDharmeswar RayГодину таму
  • seems like tekashi is racist

    THEJACK 2012THEJACK 20122 години таму
  • Polska górą

    MakuMaku2 години таму
  • Haii idol. 69 I hope you read my commend please give some one gadget for coming birthday to my mom I am from Philippines I hope you command my wish ❤️

    Patrick FloresPatrick Flores2 години таму
  • The worst part of song: corona. He gonna get demonized!

    Madison MirandaMadison Miranda2 години таму
  • Director:How to shoot this video with this much colour Jason Derulo:Bitch just copy swalla

    SDSD2 години таму
  • Love it bro I'm a girl by the way and I'm 10

    Natasha HutchessonNatasha Hutchesson2 години таму
  • S T U P I T

    Takumi UwUTakumi UwU2 години таму
  • How much girls do you have

    Lily RodriguezLily Rodriguez2 години таму
  • Fuk

    Lily RodriguezLily Rodriguez2 години таму
  • 6ic9ine es mexicano por si no sabian PERROSSS

    Manuel HMManuel HM2 години таму
  • 👅👅👅👅👅

    atheer stars1atheer stars13 години таму
  • O dam yur song is so gud brader

    Humor InstagramHumor Instagram3 години таму
  • Quielo be enel 2021

    Paola RodríguezPaola Rodríguez3 години таму
    • Sígueme

      Paola RodríguezPaola Rodríguez3 години таму
  • Ja

    Paola RodríguezPaola Rodríguez3 години таму
  • Estupi

    Paola RodríguezPaola Rodríguez3 години таму
  • I am siren head

    siren. headsiren. head3 години таму
  • 69 1000000000000

    ismael naday gismael naday g3 години таму
  • This generation has short attention span. Song was over before it started. 2 minutes smh . This music era forgot to love the art. The more ignorant you are and more trouble you cause the bigger you become.

    1018miamidrive1018miamidrive3 години таму
  • And I hate you

    Renz TarucRenz Taruc4 години таму
  • i fucking hate your song

    Renz TarucRenz Taruc4 години таму
    • fk of kid

      Like my comment to be a billionaireLike my comment to be a billionaire3 години таму
  • 6ix9ine:stoopid or dumb stoopid or dumb

    Gretchen PeresorezGretchen Peresorez4 години таму
  • OH MY GAW IS HE A LGBTQ ALLY?!?! THE RAINBOW UMBRELLA it all makes sense now

    Lilith blackLilith black4 години таму
  • 🐀

    Jordan MJordan M4 години таму
  • 6ix9ine destroyed the Internet that my WiFi was acting up

    GioSpotterGioSpotter4 години таму
  • I feel bad for that dog-

    aNia BananaaNia Banana4 години таму
  • 197709270123 jag har väckt ert företag

    Yocasta MartinezYocasta Martinez5 годин таму
  • Having one of those moments when i think “damn, i wish i wrote that comment”

    YujiFoxxYujiFoxx5 годин таму
  • Yo wassup bro 😎

    Reuben SanchezReuben Sanchez5 годин таму
  • Love ur songs and I am on my sisters phone

    Amanda HawkinsAmanda Hawkins5 годин таму
  • لي راه يتفرج فل فديوو يخبط جام ولاد بلادي وينكم 🇩🇿🇩🇿

    Mstr TikMstr Tik5 годин таму
  • Fuck you 6ix 9ine

    Ann GAnn G5 годин таму
  • Im disturbed-

    M i k k o _M i k k o _6 годин таму
    • 55 seconds after

      KlixKlix6 годин таму
  • The beast

    iñaki perez solisiñaki perez solis6 годин таму
  • 1:34 pause

    KaKen62KaKen626 годин таму
  • 0:46

    Ruby HewittRuby Hewitt6 годин таму
  • This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you

    savisavi6 годин таму
  • Plastic shit

    Hatmah OsneyHatmah Osney6 годин таму
  • Reis yanlış yerde yayınlamışsın klibi brazzersta yayınlıcaktın heralde :D

    Umut BozUmut Boz6 годин таму
  • 2040 Son: Dad, can you tell me about your generation? Me:

    DUCKY TOKDUCKY TOK7 годин таму
  • This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you :)

    Skyler CabrelloSkyler Cabrello7 годин таму
  • the most impressive video of the moment before it is 1 year ke recognize your talent Takahashi.https: //byworld.info/work/1mmsyXtwcmeh4Ms/v-d-a.html

    M.J.J Le SpectreM.J.J Le Spectre7 годин таму
  • Uatafak rumania ?

    CozMa's FootballCozMa's Football7 годин таму
  • He may have been imprisoned for stealing from a paint store🤔😏 This video was sOOOo toxic👽😅💩

    DUCKY TOKDUCKY TOK7 годин таму
  • This video was sOOOo toxic👽😅💩

    DUCKY TOKDUCKY TOK7 годин таму
  • All the 10 year olds liked this....

    MyNameIsBreadMyNameIsBread7 годин таму
  • On its way to a billion

    kamsandhu85kamsandhu857 годин таму
  • Niggas

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  • Niggas

    GTA VGTA V7 годин таму
  • Niggas

    GTA VGTA V7 годин таму
  • Niggas

    GTA VGTA V7 годин таму
  • Niggas

    GTA VGTA V7 годин таму
  • Who's yar" favourite ? Like = 6ix9ine Comment = Bobby Shmurda

    GTA VGTA V7 годин таму
    • Nigga

      Steven TexhSteven Texh7 годин таму
  • I can’t stop playing it 😂

    latreisha philpotlatreisha philpot7 годин таму
  • That’s straight 🔥 🔥 🔥

    latreisha philpotlatreisha philpot7 годин таму
  • My fav song

    ᅣᄉ 소ᄃ ᄉ쟈ᅮ냐ᄉ 소ᄃ ᄉ쟈ᅮᄂ7 годин таму
    • Thx for liking

      ᅣᄉ 소ᄃ ᄉ쟈ᅮ냐ᄉ 소ᄃ ᄉ쟈ᅮᄂ7 годин таму
  • Director: How many colours you want for the shoot 6ix9ine: are you dumb, stoopid, or dumb?

    Zahir FfZahir Ff7 годин таму
  • 1:12 best part

    michael carcasmichael carcas7 годин таму
  • 1 bilion goooooo

    Benedetto ViajanteBenedetto Viajante8 годин таму
  • Este video tiene más vistas que todos los views de los videos de El Dominio

    Giulianno PizzaliGiulianno Pizzali8 годин таму
  • you are the best

  • Best rapper in the galaxy

    cristi borceacristi borcea8 годин таму
  • this finna go down in history as the best comeback off all time

    A.M.OA.M.O8 годин таму
  • i kept hearing my friend pause the video 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬

    Rxmpge on 30hzRxmpge on 30hz8 годин таму
  • Кто из 2021

    KHDfootballKHDfootball8 годин таму
  • Big Mac Cheese Had

    Mr. Csabi 2008Mr. Csabi 20088 годин таму
  • I am here because of Greg doucette and wow, HE really lost a lot of weight

    Simple IconSimple Icon8 годин таму
  • Is it just me or is he kinda gay? Like All the rainbow stuff uk🌚

    Natasha Geisler NielsenNatasha Geisler Nielsen8 годин таму
  • 700 Million Views

    God of MGod of M8 годин таму
  • 1 mars 👀

    ESCOBAR YTESCOBAR YT8 годин таму
    • yessir

      k_ _Mk_ _M5 годин таму
    • Eae

      Final FuriousFinal Furious7 годин таму
    • 😳😳😳😳

      Tio YomiSanTio YomiSan7 годин таму
  • Y’all 6ix9ine went to jail for r4p3 and gets worshiped but Melanie Martinez was accused of r4pe and it was not true but was canceled explain

    Sandra TuigamalaSandra Tuigamala9 годин таму
  • 20 secs proves he's muslim

    pixel goatpixel goat9 годин таму
  • On hyvä perse

    Akseli KauhanenAkseli Kauhanen9 годин таму
  • Checkaa onks hyvä perse

    Akseli KauhanenAkseli Kauhanen9 годин таму
  • 6th в Москве

    Mino MinoMino Mino9 годин таму

    Wang HenryWang Henry9 годин таму
  • Why he wont talk shit to Jim Jones or Run up on him

    Stacy HookerStacy Hooker9 годин таму
  • 1:36 асалам салам алейкум

    Mr.ЗюMr.Зю9 годин таму
  • Я так понимаю на И З О у него были пятёрки Он до сих пор рисует только уже на......

    Mr.ЗюMr.Зю9 годин таму
  • sick song 6ix 9ine

    Jane LeonardJane Leonard10 годин таму
  • The beat carried the song

    Huseyn MammadovHuseyn Mammadov10 годин таму
  • I will never get over the first time i seen that rat face, like youtuber dj ghost said ''once you say everything about yourself, what can we say about you'', referring to 8mile, when rabbit had the rap battle and revealed everything about him self, like wink fucking his girl, living in a trailer with his mom ect.

    mixitupmixitup10 годин таму
  • Wow the best song of the word

    milo martinez forza italiamilo martinez forza italia10 годин таму
  • ратата он взял с моргештерна

    Леонид НиколаевЛеонид Николаев10 годин таму

    Iurie GraurIurie Graur10 годин таму

      That_OoferChrisThat_OoferChris10 годин таму
  • Semejante mierda este payaso de circo

    Dari AntonioDari Antonio10 годин таму
  • Tekashi is very L GAY B T Q

    bass & pickrel slayerbass & pickrel slayer10 годин таму
  • “A,B,C,D, what’s next 6ix9ine: D= 𝖣𝖮𝖭’𝖳 𝖢𝖠𝖱𝖤 . dont copy

    abelabel10 годин таму
  • And he grew up Catholic bruh

    Joshua Chiji NwankwoJoshua Chiji Nwankwo10 годин таму