6ix9ine - TUTU (Official Lyric Video)

5 Врс 2020
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  • 6ix9ine ❤❤❤👍

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  • 6ix9ine god Wrapping it’s so late you’re so beautiful king of New York

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  • I just like it tutu is my favorite song

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  • byworld.info/work/z45iqoWFdJiry60/v-d-a.html

  • Listening to this beautiful shit forever Love it :)

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  • Have this on repeat!

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  • #69 #6ix9ine #takashi @6ix9ine ayy i was wondering if you would pay for my college tuition! Im going for Criminal Justice and law enforcement! Please lmk know if you can help

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  • Beat is hard he is trash. Check blindfurys freestyle over this 🔥🔥🔥

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  • My fav 69song❤️

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  • Fire 🔥

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  • I am surprised this song sounds good. It's nice when you're not screaming every lyric.

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  • I rather screaming! Tbh😂

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  • 6ix6ine like

  • the lyrics aren’t good at all😂

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  • 2021?

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  • Loco eres lo mejor que puede existir para los mexicanos..............

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  • I clicked to read some jokes but the song is really nice for him

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  • Le meilleur

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  • King 🌈🥺❤️

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  • Ankle-monitor wearing C**t

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  • have u ever got reported?

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  • Musik videos bad

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  • ..a rainbow 🌈 fu***** b****😂😂 PEWDIEPIE 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️👊🏻

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  • The fire

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  • I want this 69 without that tekashi

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  • you have nice womens in your songs

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  • SO cool song bro,i like lot of your songs im your big fane

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  • a un que seas de nuevallor eres prooo

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  • tekashi prooooooooooooooo

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  • Please make one subscrib, thank you

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  • 6ix9ine king

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  • TUTU

  • True

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  • I LOVE U 6IX9INE ❤😍😍😍

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  • 69dik

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  • Middle finger ____ you is the best line ever in song history. 😝

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  • Idk why his song beats sound like the Rugrats to me lmao

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  • Beautiful bebêy i love ❤️ you bebecito

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  • you bebecito ❣️

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  • the girls things were shown in the music vid

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  • Msatatu

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  • Kid BS ES Sibr fp um krn vsq

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  • Desde 🇵🇦 . 👍

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  • SNITCH. Just kidding I’m still a fan even though u ratted idrc what others think

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  • The people who are called Tom 😂

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  • I love you music I like ariana grande

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  • This fire 🔥

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  • I can play song on piano

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  • 💫Primer panameño en comentar🔥

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  • Клалдлдоагагушоалп

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  • Tekashi where you at? We haven't seen you in long long time!

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  • this song is nice without him yelling its awesome actully

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  • tutu, gooba, fefe, bebe, troolz the king doesn't think much

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  • Yo no hablo ingles pero quiero aprender

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  • My favorite song 🕺😂😂

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  • 2021?

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  • My favourite song

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  • I love song

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  • sall

  • I get batches when I want to

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  • I like TUTU and Gooba

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  • This is good good

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