6ix9ine - PUNANI (Official Lyric Video)

3 Жнв 2020
11 918 579 Прагляды

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Cover art: Alex Solis
Motion Graphics: @LLGFX
Animation by: Kiefer
Nasty x6
Shake It Back, Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani,
That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Jiggy Little B*tch jiggle on the d*ck, watery, she puckering and sh*t
Guzzle Guzzling
Beat it she a doggy *ss b*tch, muzzle up her sh*t
She just want the ec$tasy and sh*t, trippy in this b*tch
Yeah that b*tch’ll pop it if I tip her, Bend her up d*ck her
Pockets on monopoly big big spender
Big Big Tipper, big big Trigger, big big pockets on my big big d*ck-a
Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Make it Nasty Nasty Nasty. Make it Nasty Nasty Naty
Make it Nasty Nasty Nasty. Make it Nasty Nasty Naty
I know 100 Little N*s, 100 Little N*s, that will really hunt a lil N*, hurt a lil N*
Yous a lil bummy lil N*, dirty lil N*, Yous a lil bummy lil N*, ugly *ss N*
N* act dumb, want to act dum dum, tell em dont act dumb because im dumber
How many shots could a N* duck duck, tell him ducked down before he get BOOM.
Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami

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  • fat punani 100% nasty 100% nigga 100% lack of good music 0%

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  • Me: mommy I dont feel good Mom: it’s ok Me: 0:05

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  • Fat Vajayjay! Fat Vajayjay! Fat Vajayjay

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  • Dude you had 2 years to think of something, and this is what you do

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  • The *skittles* advertisement:

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  • imagine thinking this is good music.

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  • Make like nasty

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  • why he says the n word a lot ?

    Gerardo MedinaGerardo Medina5 дзён таму
  • 6ix9ine:new song here it is Fans:u just repeat the same song 69:I'm a big big ticker

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  • Why yall hating and he still richer than all y'all y'all haters stupid

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  • Why all comments have so much likes?

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  • 6ix9ine: "Don't act dumb 'cause I'm dumber"

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  • que asco

    kari ortiz segundokari ortiz segundo6 дзён таму
  • I used to be a hardcore fan of six nine even when he got out of jail for snitching I still held on alittle, but with these halfass songs that he's throwing out left and right, big turn-off not interested anymore by by six nine.

    Ronda SunShineRonda SunShine7 дзён таму
  • Is he seriously singing about a fat coochie? For real 😭🖐🏻

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  • 69 is the best 🤑🤑🤑

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  • #69 #6ix9ine #takashi @6ix9ine ayy i was wondering if you would pay for my college tuition! Im going for Criminal Justice and law enforcement! Please lmk know if you can help

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  • И в се таки... КАКАЯ НАСТЯ

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  • AI sim as pessoas do brasil adoram esa musica punani

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  • epic lyrics

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  • no one : literary no one : rappers : how do I lengthen the video's time? got it, say the same thing for 24 seconds long

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  • super grande 69

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  • He's slowly transforming into a giant skittle.

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  • This song grew on me bruh

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  • Wooooow superrr cool song likeeee

  • Don't Read my name if you aren't good at Riddles

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  • Bro im diggin this

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  • fuuuuuknani

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  • Why do I hear a thundering reverb everytime he says punani

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  • is he even running?

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  • A person who even isn’t black said the N word so many times, how is he still alive?

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  • King ❤️🥺🌈

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  • God damn one whole chorus with one sentence being the same

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  • My slovak And speak English

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